On-Demand Resident Finder for
Assisted Living Facilities
Get "Perfect Match" Residents Delivered Directly to Your Sales or Admin Team

Our Resident Finder system sends exact match residents directly to you and never sent via a third-party call center.

How Many "Perfect Match" Residents Do You Need?

“How can the cost per new inquiry be such good value”?


We charge you per qualified inquiry + a 25% per placement fee, (upon completion of a new resident moving into your facility). 

Which is a MUCH fairer deal than you’re probably getting from one of the (bully) bigger companies that sends you new non-exclusive resident inquires.


Get New Residents For Your Facility Fast
Using “On-Demand” Advertising

Imagine if every time you have a vacancy — all you have to do — to get a ton of inquiries is launch your ‘ready-to-go’ advertising campaign. Pre-installed with your exact criteria for perfect match residents. That’s how “on-demand” advertising for new residents works

Speedy Revenue Replacement

Because it shouldn’t take months to replace lost income.

Makes New Resident Finding Easy

Now you can move new people into empty units predictably and reliably.

Fill Your Facility To Capacity

Never worry about no-shows OR empty units ever again!

We integrate with the top platforms
Upfront Pricing Structure
Transparent Pricing Builds A Better Long-Term Partnership With You

From initial inquiry to signed contract with a new resident –  we aim to be 25%-50%* cheaper than anyone that has ever sent you new inquiries before. *terms apply

Flexible Volume

Decide how many new EXCLUSIVE inquiries you want each week or month. Increasing or decreasing the volume  to match your facility’s current capacity. And ALWAYS know how much it will cost — before you order.

Get Clear On The Numbers

Makes revenue projections for each quarter much easier. Now you’ll always know that ‘X’ amount of new enquiries will cost ‘Y’. Plus, we’ll help you figure out how many booked tours you need to make a sale.

Build A Wait-List & Raise Prices

With a calendar full of booked tours, a wait-list of “perfect match” residents, verified and ready to move in — you’ll soon be able to raise your prices because local demand will exceed supply.

Perfect Match Residents That Meet ALL Your Criteria
Delivered Exclusively To Your Sales or Admin Team - Consistently & Reliably

Wasting time on the wrong type of people is frustrating... and worse, costs you money and resources.

  • Inquires looking for different type of facility
  • Candidates that are not the right fit for your facility
  • Families that have been harassed by call centers before you've even had your first conversation

Our system sends you a steady stream of desirable candidates that match your exact requirements.

  • Helps you spend your time and resources on “Perfect Match” future residents ONLY
  • We’ll send you as many perfect match people as you can handle
  • Every new family you speak to will be exclusive to you
A.I. Powered Resident Finding System
Keeps Your Calendar Booked Full of Tours - On Autopilot

Putting an ad in yelp, the local newspaper or waiting on referrals is out-dated, inefficient and slow.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our team takes care of all the stressful, technical aspects of building a powerful bespoke resident finding system FOR you — so you can concentrate and focus on running your facility.

Brings Ideal Residents To You

After we’re done setting up your automated resident finding system, we’ll put it to work, to build you an up-to-date database — fully-loaded with local families, who urgently want to move a loved one into your facility.

Positive Feedback Loop

We’ll work with you at every stage of the sales engagement from initial enquiry — to first booked tour — to a signed contract. Together we’ll refine this process to ensure we take every chance to turn new opportunities into paying residents.

Traditional Plans vs Resident Finder

The comparison below shows the difference between traditional advertising plan vs Assisted Living Resident Finder. 

  • (Old)

  • (Current)

    Referral Agency
  • (New)

    Resident Finder


Referral Agency

Resident Finder
New InquirySemi-ExclusiveSent to dozens of facilities simultaneouslyExclusive to you
Contract3-6 MonthsNoneNone
Setup Time4-8 Weeks0 Days7 Days
Setup Cost$1,500-$2,500IncludedIncluded
Video Ad Creation$500/assetIncludedIncluded
Image Ad Creation$75/assetIncludedIncluded
Ad Copy Writing$50/AdIncludedIncluded
Technical Support$150/hourIncludedIncluded
Verified Contact Details
Upfront Pricing
100% Hands-off
Builds Your Brand
Appointment Reminders
Behavior Tracking
Lead Quality Feedback
Performance Driven
Sales CRM Integration
Customized Email Follow-ups
Perfect Match Residents
On-Demand Leads
Flexible Budget
Single Point of Contact
Get Started
Verified Contact Details And Real-Time Enquiries
Quality Assurance and Satisfaction Guaranteed
How PV Villa Reached
Full Capacity and Started Waitlisting Perfect Match Residents

Palos Verdes Villa stopped relying on inconsistent local referrals and unreliable traditional advertising. They signed up for our Resident Finder system and went from having empty rooms to FULL capacity and started wait-listing new “Perfect Match” future residents.

Start Receiving Qualified, “Ideal Residents”, With Verified Contact Details, Ready To Tour Your Facility In Less Than 7 Days From Now.

Demo with Shawn

Find out how the Assisted Living Resident Finder will bring more perfect match residents to your facility.

We will go over a demo and I will answer any questions you have. 

How Palos Verdes Villa Reached Full Capacity and Started Wait-listing 'Perfect Match' Residents

Palos Verdes Villa is a mid-sized assisted living facility located in Palos Verdes, California. Known for its highly personalized service and hospitable staff, PV Villa has been serving the local community for over 40 years.

Unreliable Referrals and Lack of Control

For decades the facility had been relying on referrals from local institutions. This was their main strategy of getting new residents. And it was leaving the business in the whims of chance and not in control of their own future.

The facility wasn’t at full capacity which meant constantly losing revenue from empty rooms.

The director of PV Villa did not feel in control of the marketing end of the business. He didn’t know how long the rooms would remain empty and how he was going to find residents in a consistent and reliable way. 

He was eventually approached by a traditional agency and offered  a one-plan-fits-all advertising package.

After a  year of signing up, PV Villa did not see any noticeable increase in leads outside of local referrals. And what made it worse is the agency failed to connect their advertising spend to real performance metrics. So the owner had no idea how the money was being spent and what they were getting out of it. Seeing no real improvement and lack of transparency, he ended the contract.

Looking for a more reliable way to get the right fit residents

After seeing no results from the traditional  advertising package and still having empty rooms, the owner started searching for a more reliable solution. He wanted a plan that was designed specifically for his assisted living facility and he wanted to know exactly what to expect.

He wanted to get consistent resident inquiries so he can have the peace of mind that a pipeline will fill up the rooms. He wanted to have transparent reporting and assurance that the inquiries were real perfect match residents and not spam bots.

Resident Finder System with Bonza Marketing 

After learning about our Resident Finder system, PV Villa decided to partner with Bonza Marketing.  In the first month we put into action the following:

  • Resident Finding system that started bringing on-demand leads including Phone Calls, Tour Requests, Brochure requests, and Information inquiries.
  • Majority of inquiries were perfect match residents that met Palos Verdes Villa’s criteria
  • Transparent reporting including phone recording, lead tracking, cost per lead and detail breakdown with number of leads each day, week, and month
  • Activated lead quality feedback system to get client approval or disapproval in real-time
  • New Lead notifications, follow up reminders, and integration with PV Villa’s in-house sales CRM

Results within the 1st Year 

Within the first year, Palos Verdes Villa’s facility reached over 90% capacity. There was now a pipeline of resident inquires bringing consistent and reliable candidates. The majority of new inquiries were ‘Perfect Match’ Residents matching the facility’s criteria.

Results in the 2nd Year

After a few more months, PV Villa reached full capacity with the 116 person capacity maxing out. For the first time they were forced to create a waitlist for new resident candidates. At this point the owner felt confident in the “Resident Finder” system and knew a pipeline of leads was on standby to continue filling up the waitlist and keep the facility full of residents. 

Armed with these results, PV Villa began increasing rent and service rates 3 times in the next 2 years. This allowed them to hire more staff and improve on quality of service for the community. They are now maximizing the revenue for the facility, have a reliable way to fill rooms, and planning for future growth of the business and improving how they service the local community.

A sneak peak of our Resident Finder system and why it’s so effective

The Resident Finder system is made of 4 key components: Targeting the right candidates, monitoring interactions at every touch point , optimizing information and experience, and keeping in constant contact with candidate residents.

Targeting The Right Candidate Residents

Specific audiences based on behavior, interest, demographics, and job title. Audiences are segmented based on level of engagement with the brand and content.


Monitoring Interactions at Every Touchpoint

Tracking behavior from first touchpoint with videos ad to on-site browsing behavior. This includes actions such as percent video watched, content read, phone calls, lead forms, tour scheduled and any other touch point.

Optimizing Information and Experience

Configuring the optimal marketing funnel that takes visitors from ads to view content and converts them into leads.

Personalized and Consistent Contact

Creating multiple opportunities to retrieve visitors and turn them into leads. If a visitor leaves without converting, they are targeted with videos ads and email to re-engage them.