PPC Advertising Solutions


We optimize for highest value clicks that turn visitors in to clients.


We create display banners to filter for most desirable visitors and recapture previous visitors.


We engineer campaigns for few to thousands of products and use web data to identify valuable keywords.


Our team tracks every lead channel while using profitability of each service for ad spent allocation.

Local Search

Our team uses geographic targeting and high demand times to help customers find you at the right place and right time.

Mobile Advertising

We have a proven way to optimize for mobile using specialized keyword modifications and mobile ads.


Our specialties are separating audiences with reach data and bringing them back to right place on your site.

Product Listing Ads

We create keyword and information reach Google feeds, so your products are easily found.

What Makes Bonza Marketing Different?

We Believe in Understanding Your Business First

We spend a quarter of our initial setup time getting to know your business objectives and processes including all the necessary details

Expert Decisions
No Wasteful Automation

Unlike other PPC companies, we do not just ‘set it and forget it’. At Bonza, our experts use their understanding of your business and their knowledge of PPC to drive every decision.

No Long Term Contracts
We Offer Felixibiliy

We know you have enough obligations and that's why we offer you the flexibility to pay month to month and stop whenever you choose.

Understanding Your Business

At Bonza Marketing, we believe the most critical part of PPC management is understanding the product or services being advertised.

Dedicated PPC Managers

From day one, a dedicated PPC manager will work with you to understand your business, products, services and promotions.

You will work with one person not several account reps. Your campaigns will be built and managed by the same person. Our representative will meet with you, explain progress of your account and manage all your PPC management needs.

Adwords with
Data Backed Decisions

We do not believe in making decisions based on ‘gut feeling’. At Bonza, all our decisions are backed by web data and experience.

Our team is highly trained and skilled in data decision making and web analytic programs such as Google Analytics. That's why after understanding your business, our second step is connecting and setting up Adwords with Analytics.

Analytical Knowledge and Background

We believe that PPC management can be engineered for high performance that’s why our account representatives come from science and engineering backgrounds.