Kenny Products Decreased their Cost per Lead from $132 to $50
and Grew their monthly leads from 720 to 1250.

Kenny Products is a wholesaler of lanyards and badge accessories based in Torrance, California. They are one of the largest and most trusted online wholesalers in the industry with over 35 Years of Experience. 

Partnership with Bonza Marketing

After a decade of handling digital marketing internally, they partnered with Bonza Marketing in 2016 to grow revenue from their B2B E-commerce website kennyproducts.com. 

Growth from 2016 to 2019

Kenny Products didn’t expect these results

  • Lowering Cost per Lead from $132 to $50 for custom quote requests and bulk orders
  • Nearly doubling monthly lead acquisition from 720 to 1250 
  • B2B Lead Generation becoming 38% of overall leads in the 1st year 
  • Getting over 3700 qualified business leads in 2019

1st Year of Partnership (Before On-Demand B2B Lead Generation)

We were able to lower cost per quote request by 50% from $285 to $132. This was achieved by aggressively optimizing Google Ads and obsessive website conversion rate optimization.

2nd Year – Launch of On-Demand B2B Lead Generation

By this time, Kenny Products was looking for new ways to grow without having to substantially increase advertising budget in Paid Search. After testing many approaches, we eventually devised the ultimate lead generation system customized for their specific industry. 

The new system was created with these objectives:

  •  Acquire B2B buyers looking to make bulk orders
  • Target Key Decision makers 
  • Get high quantity quotes requests and repeat buyers

4 Ways B2B Lead Generation Became Superior to Paid Search

The B2B Lead Generation system is made of 4 key components: Precision targeting, behavior tracking, conversion rate optimization, and retargeting & email automation.

Precision Targeting

Specific audiences based on behavior, interest, demographics, and job title. Audiences are segmented based on level of engagement with the brand and products.

Behavior Tracking

Tracking behavior from first touchpoint with videos ad to on-site browsing behavior. This includes actions such as percent video watched, add to cart, quote requests, catalog requests, phone calls, and checkouts.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Configuring the optimal marketing funnel that takes visitors from ads to view products and converts them into clients.

Retargeting and Email Automation

Creating multiple opportunities to retrieve visitors and turn them into buyers. If a visitor leaves without converting, they are targeted with videos ads and email to re-engage them.