On-Demand Lead Generation for
B2B Wholesalers
Supply Sales with a Steady Stream of
Quote Requests and Bulk Orders
How Many Leads Do You Want?
Increase or Decrease Leads to Match Your Business Demand

So you can decide exactly how many quote requests you receive and at what cost. You no longer have to blindly trust your an ad agency and hope for good results, instead know exactly what to expect.

Pay as low as
$25 per Lead

Know exactly how much you are paying per lead. 

Lead Generation

Increase Quote Requests as Your Business Grows. 

Number of Leads

Know exactly how many leads you will get each month

We integrate with the top platforms
Stop Wasting Your Budget on Competitive Search Ads and Unreliable SEO

Legacy advertising methods are increasing expensive and unreliable. Instead pay 70% per lead and get qualified business buyers.

Pay 70% less per Quote Request

The B2B sales funnels cost per lead is as low as $25 vs traditional advertising cost of $120 per lead on Google Search

Behavioral and Job Title Targeting

Strategic targeting of C-level executives, stakeholders, procurement, and key decision makers of companies and organizations.  

Qualified B2B Leads

Business buyers making bulk orders, repeat orders, and wanting to establish ongoing business.

Get Quote Requests from Key Decision Makers in Purchasing Roles
Get Repeat Bulk Orders instead of One-time Small Purchases

Don’t Waste your Advertising Budget on Irrelevant Consumer Level Shoppers

  • Low Quantity Orders
  • Low Returns
  • One-Time Purchases
  • Individual Buyer

Only Target Business Buyers in Decision Making Roles that Make Bulk Orders

  • Large Quantity Orders
  • High Returns
  • Repeat Orders
  • Establish Ongoing Business
Build Your Brand as You Fuel Sales

Complete setup and management of the B2B sales funnel. Our team will handle it all, so you can focus on taking care of quote requests and fulfilling bulk orders.

Your Brand In Every Touchpoint

Your brand will appear in every point of the visitors journey. From Video Ads to landing pages to email follow ups, your brand will stay top of mind.

Custom-Built with Your Brand & Products

New Leads are sent directly to your sales team, website or CRM System. We will fully integrate the quote request and bulk orders with your internal system. 

Exclusive Leads, No Lead Sharing
and Zero Spam

Don’t waste time on advertising platforms and creating marketing strategy. Instantly scale your sales funnel to receive more leads. Just set how many leads per month. 

Pay-Per-Click vs B2B Sales Funnel

The comparison below shows the difference between the B2B sales funnel vs traditional Pay-per-Click advertising plans such Google Ads and Bing Ads.

Example for $10,000 Budget
  • Legacy PPC Plan
  • B2B Sales Funnel
Legacy PPC PlanB2B Sales Funnel
73 Leads
$120 per lead
400 Leads
$25 per lead
Management Fee$1200 per monthNone
Contract12 MonthsNone
Setup Time14-21 Days5 Days
Setup Cost$1,500-$2,500$990
Video Ad Creation$500/assetIncluded
Image Ad Creation$75/assetIncluded
Ad Copy Writing$50/AdIncluded
Technical Support$150/hourIncluded
Customized Email Follow-ups
Behavior Tracking
Target Business Leads
Lead Quality Feedback
On-Demand Leads
Flexible Budget
Single Point of Contact
100% Hands-off
Auto Budget Allocation
Performance Driven
Buy NowGet Started
100% Hands-Off
Just Focus on Fulfilling Bulk Orders
See How
Kenny Products Decreased their Cost per Lead from $132 to $50

Kenny Products stopped relying on legacy advertising and grew rapidly by utilizing the B2B sales funnel. We’re talking a 3x return on their ad spend and cost-of-lead decrease from $132 to $50

Fill Your Sales Pipeline with a Steady Stream of Quote Request and Bulk Orders

Get started with risk-free upfront pricing and get qualified business leads